Bailey and Ben Still Together on Grey's Anatomy?

Their courtship rocked, but whatever happened to Bailey and Ben on Grey's Anatomy? Are they together? What's the latest on the couple on the second to last week of the season?

According to EW scribe Michael Ausiello, look for Ben and Bailey to sneak in a little coitus before next week’s apocalyptic crisis. Nice ... well, save for the whole apocalyptic crisis part.

Speaking of which, DEFCON 1 spoiler alert: The top secret catastrophe at the center of next week’s Grey's Anatomy finale involves a crazed gunman on the loose in Seattle Grace!

Well, that may give a boost to the rumor going around of Derek being shot during the finale ... just not the part where annoying, jealous little April all goes Fatal Attraction on him.

Do you think Bailey and Ben make a good couple, and will they last? What do you think will happen during the Grey's Anatomy finale?

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