'America's Got Talent' - 'Episode 515' Live Show Recap

We saw great talent tonight, but also performers who didn't deliver the goods and even got an X or two from the judges. But that's to be expected when some rather bad acts were voted through to the Top 48, no?

Who will join Nathaniel, Fighting Gravity, Christina & Ali, and Future Funk in the Top 16? Time to review the next group of Top 48 performers, which includes "impersonator" Ronith, singer Michael Grimm, and rock climbing performers AscenDance!

Cheer SF, cheerleaders: They may have the spirit but they didn't deliver the goods. I wouldn't go as far as saying I wanted to go to sleep and that it was soporific as Piers says. Cheer SF's performance was far from perfect. Some moves were not in sync, there seemed to be a few missed steps, and it missed the wow factor. I watched cheerleading competitions on TV and I was amazed at the routines, the energy and the technical aspect of the moves. Sadly, three things that Cheer SF failed to deliver properly. They got Xed by Piers and Sharon. One thing that's fantastic about their group is that there are people in their 50s! That's impressive!

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