Ben Gets Grilled on 'Hell's Kitchen' (VIDEO)

Chef Gordon Ramsay stepped away from the kitchen for a second on 'Hell's Kitchen' (Tue., 8PM ET on Fox). But that didn't mean that the yelling wouldn't continue.

[Spoiler alert.]

Once Ramsay leaves, sous-chef Scott is apparently in control. And contestant Benjamin makes the mistake of trying to give an order for the next meal for approximately 0.5 seconds. This then leads to him getting screamed at by second-in-command Scott. "IF YOU THINK YOU'RE GONNA DO MY F#CKING JOB, I'LL LEAVE RIGHT NOW," Scott says. "YOU THINK YOU CAN DO IT?!"

"No, chef" is Ben's timid reply. Um, okay. A quick note to the producers of 'Hell's Kitchen.' Working in a restaurant is not the same as being in the army. All the contestants are being constantly yelled at to speed up and work harder -- and then Ben shows initiative for half a second, and he gets screamed at for that too? Wasn't Ben just trying to help out? Is there any way for people to do anything on this show without getting in trouble for it?

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