'Doctor Who' - 'Vincent and the Doctor' Recap

Uber-writer Richard Curtis penned tonight's episode. The story is that he's a good friend of 'Doctor Who' executive producer Steven Moffat and produced the 'Doctor Who' spoof 'The Curse of Fatal Death' which Moffat wrote. Curtis' children wanted him involved with the show. If only the end result proved as inspired as 'Four Weddings and a Funeral.' Instead, it could very well be the low point of an otherwise very good season.

It wasn't a bad episode, perse. Some of the writing was quite good and Tony Curran was excellent as the impressionist painter Vincent Van Gogh. However, the episode seemed to concentrate more on being a Van Gogh love-fest rather than an episode of 'Doctor Who.'

Being a lover of Van Gogh is not necessarily a bad thing for the show (let's not forget that 'Doctor Who' started as a program to get children interested in science and history), but it's easy to tell that Richard Curtis isn't a fan of the show. How easy? His plot revolved around a monster called a Krafayis that was invisible and of unknown origin. It would have been more self-referential (as 'Doctor Who' writers that are fans tend to do) to have the monster be from the planet Spiridon, which is full of invisible creatures and has a history with the Doctor.

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