Memphis Beat Episode Recap: "One Night of Sin" Episode 5

This week's episode centers on the Boswells, a legendary country music family. A memorial service for one of them quickly gives way to a murder revealing that perhaps this celebrity family isn't quite as picture perfect as we think. But did one of their own commit the murder or was it an outsider? I'm pretty sure our country music lovin' detective Dwight will get to the bottom of it because he won't have anybody tarnishing the great name of Memphis!

The opening scene is at Boswell family matriarch Darlene's widely attended memorial service. Dwight and his Mama share a sweet stroll down memory lane as they recall their own good family times associated with the Boswell's music. Boswell's manager, Frank, gives a tearful speech saying he'll always be Darlene's biggest fan.

Upon exiting the ceremony a documentary filmmaker, Melinda (played by Sherri Saum - remember her as the naughty neighbor who messed with Rufus and Lily's marriage on Gossip Girl?), approaches Dwight to be in her Boswell Family film. She bowls over his initial reluctance by peppering him with flattering comments - she knows music is a passion - and we see a montage of interview clips, including one with Gene Templer (an underused, but fantastic Giovanni Ribisi) who's labeled a "Superfan." Dwight's interview is cut short however by news that dear ol' Frank has plunged to his death from the rooftop.

Dwight, Whitehead and Lt. Rice stand over Frank's dead body trying to determine what happened. Cuts on his face indicate slashing from a beer bottle, so did he drink himself silly because of grief and jump off the roof? Hmm... Dwight doesn't think so. As a longtime fan of the family, he knows Frank has been sober for ages and there's probably more to this story.

Dwight heads to the VIP room as they're the only ones with roof access. Inside we meet Arlene's husband, Doc, daughter Sadie and her husband Leonard whose catty arguments highlight an inner animosity in this supposedly down home family. Doc hits the nail on the head when he says to Dwight, "sounds a little different on this side of the curtain, doesn't it?" Darlene's younger daughter, Delilah, slinks in drunk, clad in a black hoodie and clueless as to what has happened. And Doc says his mandolin is missing leading Dwight to suspect Frank's cuts were from a mandolin, not a beer bottle.

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