'Jersey Shore' Season 2, Episode 7 Recap

When Spielberg and Hanks run out of epic battles to dramatize for HBO (as Jimmy Fallon noted at the Emmys), they may want to take a look at the footage from this week's war-torn episode of 'Jersey Shore.'

Our guidos and guidettes started things out with a bang as Sammi and Jenni finished out their fight. But in the end, most of the roommates vowed to make love, not war.

In the aftermath of a smackdown that would make Jerry Springer proud, the group's kitchen was littered with debris and various casualties of war, including fingernails, an earring, a torn up sandwich, a clump of hair extensions (Danielle Staub, were you in Miami?).

Food was thrown, ceramic serving plates were launched, faces were scratched. It was a long, draining night. But it was also the scene of great triumph because kicking the silicone out of Jenni was "the best accomplishment" Sam has had in a long time. As the Situation declared, "Sammi slayed the giant." If only she had slain Ron, or at least thrown a ketchup bottle in his direction.

And so in the face of death and destruction -- or at least a ruined Ed Hardy tee -- the roommates spent the bulk of this episode looking for sweet, sweet love. Light-hearted, love-the-one-you're with romance followed them just about everywhere they went:

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