NCIS Episode Recap: "Worst Nightmare" Season 8, Episode 2

If ever you needed proof of just how different NCIS and its spinoff NCIS: Los Angeles are, consider "Worst Nightmare," this week's episode of the mothership show. On NCIS: L.A., the team operates under top secrecy at all times, to the point of even the headquarters building being disguised; the agents pretty much go undercover just to go to the bathroom. Meanwhile, the latest hour of NCIS centered around the not-so-secret presence of... interns.

Interns? Yep, NCIS had an infestation of 'em, and rather than break out a can of Raid, Gibbs (Mark Harmon) was intentionally encouraging the influx of college students, showing off his softer - softie? - side. Maybe this was partly a way to inject some youth into an episode that otherwise had as its chief wrinkle the wrinkled face of guest star William Devane. But it was surprising that the hour's denouement brought about the redemption of the most callow intern and even left the door open for the kid's return. The infusion of acolytes made for some decent comedy this time around, but if the producers have any intention of bringing the interns back, they'd be better off giving them their own spinoff - NCIS Junior, possibly coming soon to Nickelodeon.

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