NCIS: LOS ANGELES ''Borderline'' Review Season 2, Episode 3

A Humvee full of Marines is ambushed near the Mexican border, sending the team off to investigate what happened in this episode of NCIS: LOS ANGELES, called Borderline. Sam and Callen work the case from back in the office while Kensi and Deeks are sent to the desert to see what they can find at the scene. Sam and Callen track a possible drug cartel connection, but Deeks and Kensi track the kidnappers and find that it's just a bunch of American mercenaries. Behind it all was a business man (played by the always wonderful Alan Ruck) who wanted to drag the US military into a war with the Mexican drug cartel to solve some business problems.

Meanwhile Nate has returned from wherever Hetty sent him last week and he's definitely different. Quiet, he spends time helping the team out and doing some target practice before finally telling Hetty that he's decided to go back and this time he's gone, possibly forever.

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