Glee: So When Will Mr. Shue Find Out About Mrs. Shue? (And What Happens Next?)

There was this little spoilery detail on Glee from Entertainment Weekly's Michael Ausiello that I so did not expect.

This is how he put it: "There's a crazy-ass rumor going around that Will will discover Terri's faux baby plot, dump her, and then, in a moment of passion, get her pregnant for real! The really crazy-ass part? Sources confirm that more than half of the rumor is true!"

So more than half the rumor is true, huh? Unlike Puck, I attended math class (but forgot half of it anyway) but I remember permutations and all that statistics stuff. So we have the parts: Will discovers the fakery, Will dumps her, and that moment of passion, which should result in an actual pregnancy. I shall shuffle them all together and present to you the probabilities.

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