The Hills Season 5, Episode 15: "Sorry Boo, Strike Two" - Recap

There must be a party every week on The Hills, and this time it's Kristin's turn. So what drama transpired and how awful were Holly Montag's drunken dance moves? Keep reading to find out.

Kristin hosts a Malibu beach party that creates even more of a rift in Brody and Jayde's relationships. After fighting at his birthday, Brody and his g.f. make up over lunch but disagree about attending his ex's bash. Jayde doesn't want to go, but Brody is adamant. "You have an amazing time," Jayde says sarcastically.

At the party, Kristin gets an interesting text from Justin saying "sorry boo, strike two," in reference to his lack of attendance being his second strike. (The first was when he was a no-show to Brody's birthday.) Right as Kristin declares that she's done with it, J.B. shows up. Brody walks up to him and makes him aware that games won't work with Kristin. Kristin reiterates this to Justin when she tells him his text wasn't a funny joke. "Your house, your rules," Justin responds.

Meanwhile, Holly is drinking heavily at K-Cav's party, despite her family's concern. And apparently she borrowed my hippie Halloween costume as well. Luckily, a fighting Jayde and Brody are on hand to steal the spotlight from Holly's horrific dance moves. Jayde surprises Brody by showing up, but when he refers to her as "Queen Jayde," she calls him rude and the two go at it. Jayde cries, Brody doesn't care and then walks away and yells, "I'm done."

Because they need some sort of story line for Audrina, Lo stops by her house and the two discuss Audrina's meeting with Justin. It's funny how they're friends now while last season they butted heads. Lo tells Audrina that the things J.B. told her are "not OK" and that "all signs point to that he's not over you." No, Lo, don't lead Audrina down the J.B. path even more.

Over at Speidi's, Heidi and Steph are waiting for Holly to arrive for Part 2 of her intervention. Stephanie, who has had alcohol issues in the past, says, "Don't bullsh-- a bullsh--ter." Holly claims she wasn't drunk at Kristin's and that she's not going to be patronized by her younger sister. Heidi starts to get emotional and tells her, "I'm your younger sister, but you're my only sister." And then they're all crying. Steph says, "We love you so much, Holly; we just think you need to go to rehab," but instead of listening, Holly says, "I don't need this from you guys," and she walks out the door.

Jayde and Brody talk at his condo but nothing gets resolved. He tells her that she caused a scene and wants to start drama. Jayde then asks him if he still has feelings for his ex Kristin and when he hesitantly replies, "No, I don't think I do," she loses it. "Figure out what you want to do and when you want to apologize, call me," Jayde says.

Do you think Jayde and Brody should call it quits already?

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