Haley Fight!

Yet again we did not get to see Haley get in a full on fight! I thought her just pushing the other mum was very tame, and we didn't get a fight scene between her and Nanny Carrie (which I moaned about in my last review). I just really want to see Haley beat down somebody.

On the other hand, I loved the Leyton story, it was funny, and while other people may not think so, I think Fergie is Fergalicious!

After seeing the promo for episode 608, I hope Nathan doesn't injure his back again, as then we would have to go over that story line again which, whilst being good when first shown in Series 5, I think I would find it quite tedious to watch it all over again

This has been an extremely long rant, so this is me saying 'Peace Out'!


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