Recap Charmed: Season 5, Episode 14 - Sand Francisco Dreamin'

A demon is killing the Sandmen and stealing their dream sand. While demons don't dream, taking dreams away from mortals means they can't work out issues in their subconscious, and will therefore get very cranky - maybe even downright violent. Chaos ensues. When the Charmed Ones come after him and try to protect their Sandman, they get an overdose of dream sand - which causes their dreams to come to life. Piper is feeling like a giant incubator - not at all sexy and unappreciated to boot. She dreams of being glamorous, not pregnant and having her favorite soap opera hunk sweeping her off her feet. Leo is not amused when Soap Opera Hunk shows up.

But Leo has problems of his own - he dreams of just being able to hold the baby, and fears having her disappear. He just wants to be close to her. He gets more than he bargained for, though, when he wakes up pregnant in Piper's stead. Paige is going crazy with plans for Piper's baby shower. Nothing, she says, is too good for her future niece. But she dreams that everyone at the baby shower leaves without paying any attention to the baby. Plus, there's a scary, snarky clown, who shows up in the waking world.

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