Recap: "The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham"

Namaste! Wednesday's episode of Lost fills in the time gap between when Locke leaves the island with Christian Shephard's help via frozen donkey wheel to the time when "Jeremy Bentham" dies. We see Locke's unsuccessful attempts to convince Sayid, Kate, Hurley and Jack to return to the island. Plus, we have new Others! Like Ben and Juliet before them, the sinister, clearheaded Caesar and Ilana have a mission, it seems, but they're unlikely to be forthcoming about it any time soon, what with all the pointed questioning and firearms. I also have a few theories! So let's get to "The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham," shall we?


We open on Caesar rifling through a Dharma office. He doesn't seem satisfied with the old copies of Life magazine and the random papers bearing notations about time and space, but when he finds a gun strapped to the underside of the desk, that puts a smile on his face. Ilana is there too, and though there's a suspicious vibe between them, they appear to be working toward the same goal. He tosses her a flashlight (or is it?). They exposit that Roxanne was scouting just south of here, that there's a very large group, and that they found a man in a suit.

On the beach, Suit Man is revealed to be a very-much-alive John Locke, and he's surrounded by a very large group indeed. What, did they stock the plane with New Others? I could have sworn they were the only ones on the plane last week, but you are all smarter than me, and saw other Others. The group on the beach found some boats, but one is missing because "the pilot" and "some woman" (I'll explain the need for quotes below) took off in one. The next morning, John reveals to Ilana that he remembers dying.


Whoosh! We're back to the scene when John left the island, and like Ben before him, he is spit out into the Tunisian desert, gruesome leg injury intact. (So yeah, it's not a spike sticking out of his leg, it's a heave! bone.) Locke sees that there are surveillance cameras, and in short order, a convenient band of Bedouins arrives to ferry lame Locke off to a hospital. (For what it's worth, their truck's license plate reads "342, something in Arabic, 6346." Loosely translated, I believe it says "Carlton and Damon own your asses until 2010, suckers!")

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