The Pacific Episode 8: "Part Eight" Review

The Pacific once again takes a brief step away from the battlefields, and this time the goal is to devote much-deserved time to the Basilone story, which has been told only in snippets up to this point. The series takes a dramatic shift to love story mode in order to tell the final chapter of Basilone's tale, and although it does end violently, the bulk of the episode is a grand romantic memoir.

After a year of being the poster boy for the war effort back home, Basilone returns to where he feels he could the most good, the Marine Corps. Instead of relaxing and enjoying some time home, he goes back to train the new recruits...and finds that there really aren't any. He finds the corps administration more lax and apathetic than he left it, and he ends up with a grand total of 2 trainees at first.

It is here that we start to see more of what really made Basilone worthy of the hero status placed upon him. Instead of being put off by the situation, he just forges ahead and makes the best of it, putting all his efforts into his two new wards. Later, he's got a full company, and proves once again to be the best kind of leader the Marines can offer. I like that the producers decided to put these scenes in here. It shows that the earlier events that earned Basilone his honors were not just a fluke, he was really a model soldier to the core.

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