Stargate Universe Episode 15: "Lost" Review

SGU continues on its character development streak with this episode, but there are a number of new elements in this story too. This is the first time the stargates get heavy use in this series, taking us to new exotic locales in a frantic race to get back "home".

When we last left the show, Greer, Chloe, Lt. Scott and Eli were left abandoned in a stone maze on an Earth-like planet. The bulk of the episode deals with trying to get them back on the ship, which is complicated by the fact that Destiny will soon be leaving the galaxy, and once that happens there will be no way to get them back.

To amp up the tension even more, Greer gets caught in a cave-in and left for dead. This gives us the opportunity to peer into the past of one of the more interesting and enigmatic characters in the show. When Greer wakes up in a pile of rubble, we get some flashbacks of a life that was certainly less than ideal with an abusive father. These scenes travel all the way up to his young adulthood and his enlistment in the armed forces. In the meantime, back on the planet, he's frantically clawing his way out of the rocks and rushing back to the stargate, only to find that he's been abandoned again.

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