The Real World: Cancun: Ayiiia Talks About Her Cutting

"It's a very controversial episode," says Ayiiia, talking about the most recent episode of The Real World: Cancun which witnessed her reverting to an old habit - cutting, something she said she has dealt with since 13 years old. "There are roommates that are very supportive of the situation and a few that do realize that this is a serious problem. And there are other roommates that just throw the typical, 'She wants attention, this isn't serious.' "

Ayiiia further explained that prior to appearing on The Real World: Cancun, she was "very healthy" and "levelheaded" because she was surrounded by nurturing people who supported her. "I didn't really have to get an outlet, to kind of let me get my stress out." When she got to Cancun, however, her surroundings and the people she was living with pretty much ruined her peaceful disposition.

"Being in Cancun, and living with seven strangers who you have no idea about, they all grew up in different ways, they all have different morals and different beliefs ... it was definitely very difficult. And especially being attacked in certain ways ... it brought a lot to me."

The Real World: Cancun people wanted to get Ayiiia the professional help that she needed, following her cutting incident in the house, but she said she rather deal with it her own way.

"I started to deal with my stress in a better way. I started working out more, I started taking jogs on the beach, and I started listening to my iPod when I could. I started to draw and paint and tried to let my stress out in different ways ...instead of that," she said.

Several Real World: Cancun cast have expressed their dislike towards Ayiiia, particularly JC and Joey, who lashed out on her on the most recent episode of the MTV reality show.

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Jul 23, 2009 5:11PM EDT

I LUV AYIIIA!!.....lmao jc it's cj.....u wud have 2 b really ignorant 2 something like cutting is to get attention...joey is jus a dumbass...and i believe she should get help because wat if somethin like this happens to her again...jus get rid once and for all..move on

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