'The Amazing Race' - 'Nanna is Kickin' Your Butt' Recap (Season Premiere) Episode 1, Season 16

It's always hard to keep the teams straight during the first few episodes of any reality show. 'The Amazing Race' is no exception to the rule. True, as a 'Big Brother' fan, I'm all too familiar with Jordan and Jeff from last season. But that leaves ten teams to confuse me! At least the teams are diverse enough so that my main dilemma is figuring out who is whom on the same sex teams. I mean, really, which one is Jordan and which one is Dan? At least I can tell the male and female Jordans from different teams apart! And I also know Chile isn't China.

Yes, leave it to Jordan to confuse Chile with China. Wow. The only thing that's similar with the countries is the "Ch" and the five-letter word. And I thought the ex-Miss Teen USA racer Caite would be the most geographically challenged person on the show. Well, maybe she found herself some maps somewhere.

The start of this season's race was so much better than last season. If you recall, one of the teams got the boot before the race really got started at all. This year had a much more enjoyable hitch -- the teams had to take public transportation to LAX. That doesn't sound like it's too hard, but when you're not familiar with either the mass transit system or the area, it's a challenge.

I'm still feeling out the teams a bit and probably will be for the next few episodes. Brothers Jet and Cord, as long as they lose those cowboy hats, might be strong even though they made the first mistake in the season -- exchanging their money for Brazilian money when they're going to Chile. Jordan and Dan, the other brothers, seem like they're gearing up to bicker a lot. I was surprised that the one brother recognized Caite as the dense Miss Teen USA. I saw the clips of her and wouldn't recognize her if I asked her for directions. I'm not getting a real impression of any team as the outright alpha team for the season yet.

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