'Smallville' - 'Warrior' Recap Season 9, Episode 12

Tonight's episode provided a reason towards why Clark eventually puts on the costume. Ironically, it revolves around George Lucas. Apparently, despite having superheroes, the 'Smallville' universe has the Metropolis Comic Con (to go along with such ones as the San Diego Comic Con and the New York Comic Con). The episode takes the opposing opinion of Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons from their 'Watchmen' comic that a universe populated with actual heroes would lose interest in heroic comic books.

When one thinks about it, the 'Star Wars' references make sense. It was the success of the first 'Star Wars' movie that led to Hollywood's interest in science fiction and fantasy that led to the first 'Superman' movie. Irony of ironies.

With some minor script rewrites, tonight's episode could have involved Captain Marvel (which is about a kid that says a magic word to become a Superman-like adult). Even the character name of Stephen Swift was reminiscent of Billy Batson. That would probably make Devilicus a Black Adam-style character. With the forever-in-development-Hell 'Shazam!' movie as a possibility, I guess they didn't want to involve that franchise for fear of confusing the audience. It's the same reason that Batman and/or Wonder Woman will never make an appearance on 'Smallville.'

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