Recap: "Whatever Happened, Happened"

Namaste, y'all! Wednesday's episode of Lost was about truth-telling. It was bound to happen. One of the Oceanic 6 had to crack. But who knew it would be truth-challenged Kate? In 1977, she is motivated by her newfound maternal instincts to save the life of a child, even if that child grows up to be Benjamin Linus. Circa-2006, Kate visits Cassidy, Sawyer's con-woman former girlfriend, to honor his pre-helicopter-jump wishes. And in 2007, we learn what happened to Aaron, and why Kate decided to return to the island.

So let's get to it! (As usual, I've rearranged the narrative. I hope this isn't annoying.)


Jin comes to, gets on the radio and reports that Sayid is headed north. (Aside: Is he telling the truth?) Interestingly, he doesn't tell the guy on the radio that Ben has been shot. But he does load him into a VW bus, stat!

Back in New Otherton, post-flaming bus crash, they are preparing for another attack, where, in general, chaos reigns. Horace reports that "one of us" freed Sayid, which launches a witch hunt/investigation. He reports that only Roger Linus (Ben's dad), Jack (as in Shepherd) and Willie (as in Nelson - no, not really!) have janitors' keys, one set of which unlocked Sayid's cell. For a second, I thought that Jack would find himself in some hot water, even though we know what really happened.

Kate has an odd little bonding moment with Roger Linus, Ben's dad, about receiving crappy Dharma assignments. It's actually a little flirty - eek! Jin arrives with the mortally wounded Ben, breaking up the sexy-eyes showdown before something horrible happens.

Roger's keys are missing (duh), which Sawyer discovers as he meets up with Ben's dad, who is dutifully waiting outside the hospital as Juliet tries to stabilize Ben. The little guy is hemorrhaging, and Juliet tells Sawyer that he needs a real surgeon, with a knowing look.

Meanwhile, Kate, Jack and Hurley are under house arrest by Miles. Hurley amuses me by floating the Back to the Future theory: that they'll all start disappearing if little Ben dies, since in the future he's the one who convinced them all to come back. "You're an idiot," Miles concludes, and he repeats Daniel's "whatever happened, happened" theory. I have to admit: I want Daniel's theory to be true, if only because if it isn't, it'll open the narrative up to all kinds of plot holes. But my gut tells me that it isn't - at least not entirely.

Sawyer asks Jack to come to help save Ben, and he refuses! Kate tries to convince him to change his mind, but New Jack is resolute. "He's just a boy, Jack, you can't let him die," she pleads, surely with thoughts of her surrogate son dancing in her head. "I've already done this once. I've already saved Benjamin Linus, and I did it for you. I'm not going to do it again," he says.

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