Top Moments: Child's Play on Parenthood, America's Got Talent and Entourage

Kids did the darnedest things on TV this week. High school student Oscar pursued an affair with both mother and daughter on 90210. Little ones on Parenthood and One Tree Hill got confusing answers to their inquiries about sex. Jimmy Johnson rallied against youth on Survivor: Nicaragua. Eminem and Vince acted like children on Entourage. And precious Jackie Evancho, who came in second on America's Got Talent, occupies the first position in America's heart.

12. Creepiest Character: There are a many lecherous lads on 90210 this season, but Oscar, Ivy's family friend who's in town to do a postgraduate year at West Bev, won the premiere episode's ick-off. After establishing that the horndog is hot for Ivy, we learn that he's also been having a secret affair with Laurel, aka Ivy's mom.

11. Worst Question: It's just another innocent day at the park on Parenthood until precocious Sydney asks parents Julia and Joel if she came out of a vagina. Scared by her question (she's only 6!) and her language, Joel tries to kill her interest by explaining that everyone comes out of a vagina. Which she announces in full voice to her playmates when she returns to the slide.

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