'Stargate Universe' Episode 16 - 'Sabotage' Recap

The challenges never end aboard Destiny. The ship drifted toward a massive void between galaxies with the threat of failing power reserves putting the crew in danger. Dr. Rush called on an old friend to help solve the problem, and last week's cliffhanger was conveniently resolved.

Let's talk communication stones, Blue Meanies, and wonky FTL drives after the jump. Spoilers follow.

So whattayasay, 'Stargate Universe' fans? Did Chloe, Eli and Scott's convenient return to the ship sink this episode for ya? Were you hoping they'd be stuck on the planet for a while? Were you hoping that something a little more interesting would come out of their situation?

I sure was. I was expecting to see Rush and company finally learn how to steer the ship and head back to the planet for some kind of rescue mission. Instead, Col. Young completely abandoned any hope of rescuing the lost trio as the ship readied for its perilous trek into the void. The priority switched from rescuing the missing crewmembers to surviving the trip.

Seeing Chloe, Eli and Scott walk through the Stargate was a little disappointing, but it didn't ruin the episode for me. There was still a lot of plot to chew on here.

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