Hatenkou Yuugi To Be Animated

Minari Endou's manga Hatenkou Yuugi (Dazzle) will be animated according to information on the cover of volume 9 of the collected tankobon. The book streeted in Japan on March 24th. It began serializing in the pages of "Monthly G Phantasy" from the December 1999 issue (3 volumes from that effort exist on the market) and then in renewed form in Ichijinsha's "Comic ZERO-SUM" from the August 2002 issue. A Drama CD adaptation was done in 2004. There, Kobayashi Sanae starred in the role of Rahzel and Sakurai Takahiro in the role of Alzeido, no word if those seiyuu will get to reprise their roles in the new anime. The story centers on a young girl Rahzel who gets kicked out of her house by her father with instructions to go see the world. She clashes personalties when she first teams up with Alzeido, a vagrant also on the run, seeking his fathers murderers. They join forces, traveling the world, helping and fighting those they find along the way. Format and release schedule remain unknown. Tokyopop holds the North American manga license and has been releasing it since January, 2006. Dazzle graphic novel 5 hits US bookstores on May 8th, 2007.


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