Lost: "Lighthouse" Review Season 6, Episode 5

It's fitting that February 23, 2010 would be the air date for an episode dedicated to Number 23 himself - Jack Shephard. "Lighthouse" isn't filled with the wall-to-wall excitement of last week's Locke-centric story but it still has plenty of great moments and surprising revelations.

The alternate universe storyline feels like it is one twist away from a big reveal while also feeling miles away from truly being relevant to anything happening on the island. Still, I really enjoyed Jack as a parent struggling to understand his son. It's an interesting comparison piece to Jack's relationship with his own father. I always got the impression that Jack and Christian cared for and respected one another but they always felt uncomfortable together. When we had an opportunity to see Jack as a boy in "White Rabbit" I always got the impression that he was afraid of his father. We see a very similar situation in "Lighthouse" but I was glad to see that Jack wasn't his father's son and managed to find common ground with David when they finally met at the recital.

Dogen's appearance in alternate land surprised me but we've been beaten over the head so much with these chance meetings that it's starting to feel a little silly. Hopefully we will get an explanation in the next couple of weeks.

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