'Smallville' Season 9, Episode 20 - 'Hostage' Recap

Tonight's episode was a mix for me. I liked some of it, but a lot of it rubbed me the wrong way. There was a little too much character melodrama that was reminiscent of when 'Smallville' was teen angsty, which some folks liked, but I didn't.

Mild spoiler: Perry White and Martha Kent are dating? Now there's something that didn't happen in the comic books.

The big revelation of the episode has been circulating on the Internet for a few months and wasn't a big surprise. It's also been set up in bits and pieces for half the season. But it did seem uncharacteristic.

Martha Kent is the Red Queen. There. I said it.

I was hoping it was Tess, only because I had already read somewhere that it was Martha, and it would have been a nice surprise, but Martha made more sense. It did seem strange at first that Lord didn't even have the sense to strap Tess down on the table while mind-raping her, but that was explained later.

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