PERSONS UNKNOWN ''Identity'' Review Episode 10

Episode 10 of PERSONS UNKNOWN, Identity, found Liam Ulrich taking over as Night Manager, Renbe and Kat making much ado about nothing and we learn that every single person has had some sort of torturous past.

Liam Ulrich (is the origin of his name a take on the author Leon Ulrich, who wrote the Irish Rebellion historical fiction 'Trinity'? If so, is he supposed to signify imprisonment, rebellion or, more accurate with Irish history, hopeless rebellion?) Regardless, he's pretty annoying. Alan Smythe does not pull off cordial well, coming off instead as a weasel. Ulrich still holds a grudge against Joe for trying to kill him, and reveals to Joe that the 'management' is interested in Janet-at least someone is. Joe's celibacy confession and Janet's reaction was cringe worthy.

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