Recap: "Witch Lady"

Last week's episode finds Earl (Jason Lee) trying to once again make up for one of the many misdeeds he performed as a youth. But this time around, he finds himself up against one of his most cunning opponents yet - Betty White.

Most towns have their scary houses, inhabited by a scary person or people. Camden, home to the long-haired, bespectacled Witch Lady (White), is no different. When she stops by the Crab Shack one day, Earl recalls how she used to chase him when he rode through her property on his bike. As a means of revenge, he had called the cops and switched one of her beauty products with glue before luring her out to scold him. Hilariously, the police officer was scared enough of the broom-clutching Witch Lady to subdue her with a Taser. Her real name even sounds like what a witch would be named - Grizelda Weezmer. Earl finds this out as he introduces himself to her and apologizes. When he asks what he can do to make up for what he did, she invites him over her house for tea the next day.

Perhaps understandably, Randy (Ethan Suplee) is too scared to go into the house with Earl. Everything seems normal as they drink their tea but after Grizelda creepily reveals that she's wearing her mother's teeth, Earl keels over - he's been drugged. Upon awakening, he finds himself chained in her basement. Realizing this isn't some sort of joke, he screams for help, but no-one can hear him. Company is no problem, though, as he is gradually joined by a group of friends. The first up is Randy, who came to the door wondering what was taking so long. Once in the basement, we find out what he did to anger the Witch Lady (threw water on her and yelled "C'mon! Melt, bitch!"). Of course, the Hickey brothers can't come up with a plan to escape.

Next up is Kenny James (Gregg Binkley) and his boyfriend Stuart (Mike O'Malley). Now on a full-fledged kidnapping spree, Grizelda captures Stuart for having persecuted her when he was a police officer for being eccentric and different, which obviously gave him guilt since he was still in the closet then. Kenny merely gets kidnapped by association ("I didn't do anything; welcome to the world of being gay.").

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