'Dancing with the Stars' Finals Scoring: Not a 10

There have always been something iffy when it comes to how the three judges score the routines on Dancing with the Stars. But that is to be expected because viewing and appreciating dances is, we are lead to believe, supposed to be subjective. That should probably explain Len's erratic scoring of Mya and Dmitry Chaplin early this season.

However, as iffy as it is, Dancing with the Stars viewers like myself still trust the judges to some degree because their eyes are supposed to be keener and more trained. I look to the scores for a semblance of order, to get an idea how a particular routine fared. Consider, then, the final leader board:

Mya and Dmitry Chaplin - 87

Donny Osmond and Kym Johnson - 85

Kelly Osbourne and Louis Van Amstel - 76

That is so not indicative of how the night went, at least from how I look at it.

1. Donny's Freestyle (30) - Mya did have an awesome, near-perfect night, but Donny should not be second, and certainly a mere two points behind her. His Broadway-themed freestyle routine didn't elicit a smidgen of excitement from me, in terms of showmanship and technique. How did that get a 30?

2. Kelly's Argentine Tango (26) - Kelly's footwork in this dance was incomparable. And that's even not considering the level of improvement she has had. The fact that it got 26, while Donny's mediocre cha-cha-cha got 27 is beyond me.

3. Mya's Freestyle (27) - The judges were right with the criticism. As a choreographer, Dmitry had all the chance to make this dance explosive, but he didn't. Conceptually, it already failed, and while Mya's dancing was exquisite, the scores should've been more punishing. Let's note, however, that it's Dmitry's first foray into the freestyle territory, so let's go easy on the guy.

4. The Megamix - I wonder what people thought of this idea. It was a tough cookie to score, and a tad unfair because already, you eliminate the chance of all couples faring well and scoring a perfect score. Even if all three celebs danced well, the judges would still be forced to hand a 28 and a 26 to two of them.

Did you have a judging issue on the Dancing with the Stars finals?

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