How I Met Your Mother: ''Subway Wars'' Review Season 6, Episode 4

"Subway Wars" was just a whole lot of fun. Arguing over what would be the fastest way to get to a restaurant across town, the gang instinctively booked it out of McLaren's to see who would get there first. This was just the kind of loose, fun plot device that How I Met Your Mother uses so smartly to deliver some meaningful storytelling in the midst of loads of laughter.

The conceit of the episode was established nicely in the teaser. It was said that there were certain things one must do before being an official New Yorker. The three big ones: steal a cab from someone who needs it more, cry on the subway and not care who sees you, and kill a cockroach with your bare hand. Robin had done none of these things. She has also never seen Woody Allen in the city. Learning that Mr. Allen was at a restaurant downtown, Robin, Ted, Barney, Marshall and Lily all argued about what route and form of transportation would get them there the fastest. From there, it was fun laughs and great storytelling.

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