PERSONS UNKNOWN ''The Truth'' Episode 6 Review

The Truth, episode six of PERSONS UNKNOWN, revealed exactly that. Joe’s cover is blown; Erika is more ruthless than we thought, which is bad for everyone except Janet who she seems to have fallen for. Mr Cooper and his editor go to Rome to meet ambassador Fairchilds and end up fleeing bombs, gunmen and bishops. And the prisoners of the prison town are a little closer (or so it seems) to escaping than they were episode one.

Persons Unknown does not dillydally in drawing out storylines. Last week suspicions about Joe were raised , this week they were confirmed. He confessed, poisoned, that he was indeed working for those behind the cameras. When he recovered and Janet asked him again I wonder why she also did not ask where the hell they were. I wonder why nobody seemed to be guarding him; he’s the only clue they have to their liberty. You’d think they would keep tabs on their double crossing friend.

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