usualy i watch my shows on the supernovatube divx player as it is the best and loads fastest but every link for it for this episode is only 9 mins long :(

shameless is my fave show so i would prefer to watch it in divx quality does anyone know of a divx link that works? preferably supernovatube as it doesn't take an age and a half to load lol

thanks guys.

p.s anyone who has not watched this show has to i know its brittish... (as am I) but it is hilarious and has such good storys aswell also the whole cast is excelent :D





May 3, 2009 1:05PM EDT

the supernovalinks your talkin about that are nli 9 mins long arent 9 mins long...did you watch it? bcos den you should hav noticed that it keeps on playing even after the 9 mins are up....the reason for this is bcos it is (i tink) taken from E4 on knw the thing ppl from the UK nd Ireland can watch channel 4 shows on for free? well shameless is on there aswell nd its divided up as it would be on tv with ads. So the supernovatube links are fine nd uve jst been stupid.Plus if you jst downloaded E4on demand then you can stream shameless online on that or download it and watch it laters. (streaming is of lower quality than downloading ) then downloading is of the same quality as divx but of course you kind of need to wait till its finished loading and then you cna watch them for 48 hours until they expire (48 hours starts from the minute you start watching them). But if you find you want to watch again even after its expired you jst click on the download button again bcos itll play straight away bcos youve alreadi downloaded it! Jst to let you knw tho you cant use 4oD unless your in Ireland or the Uk but if you download in those places nd then go somewhere else you can still watch them...

Default avatar cat
May 5, 2009 7:37AM EDT

thank for letting me know but first of all aint no need to call me stupid it aint stupid of me to presume something is only 9 mins long when it says it is only 9 mins long k!
second of all i know all about 4od but for some reason it does not work on my laptop i have tried and tried again...i usually just watch channel 4 stuff on the free catchup which you dont need to download but this episode is from E4 first look where t comes on straight after the latest episode - in case like me you are to impatiant...
anyway apart from being called stupid tah very much.... now i know eh.

Jan 24, 2010 4:25PM EST

For future reference, you can find all episodes of this and many other shows on NinjaVideo, in high quality divx, flash or HD.

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