Smallville: "Conspiracy" Review Season 9, Episode 14

With Zod's plans to change the Earth into a red sun paradise now crushed his followers are left with little choice but to embrace Clark's plans of integrating with the human population. Unfortunately for the Kandorians, their experiments on humans come back to haunt them as three of them are abducted as part of a madman's plans to reveal this alien threat to the world.

The Lois and Clark relationship is starting to feel a little strained. Both are committed to their job while desperately trying to find time for each other, which of course isn't working out as they'd hoped. It's good to see that they have a sense of humor about it though and that their playful banter hasn't subsided. As for Chloe and Ollie, their whatever-it-is-at-this-point, feels unnatural. Emotionally they seem like a good fit for each other. Both are self-loathing (Yes, I think Chloe hates herself for what happened with Jimmy) loners who have found companionship with each other. Yet, it just doesn't seem to translate well on screen. Even if it is nothing more than purely sexual, they still seem a little too awkward around each other.

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