'Heroes' Review: Nothing to Smile About on Thanksgiving

It's Thanksgiving but there's nothing to be grateful for, at least for most of the characters of Heroes. Hiro still hasn't found Charlie, Claire is not in the mood for the holidays while Peter and Nathan are still dealing with the fact that real Nathan's already dead.

The Bennet Family Dinner

There's a mini reunion in Noah Bennet's apartment, consisting of ex-wife Sandra, her new boyfriend Doug, daughter Claire, Mr. Muggles and Lauren, Noah's former co-worker and potential love interest. The tension cuts like a knife at dinner when Sandra gets all snarky about Noah and Lauren's past together while Claire acts even more childish by cutting herself in front of Doug while she talks about dropping out of college and her roommate Gretchen moving out. Later, though, Claire cheers up when Gretchen shows up and agrees to be Claire's roommate again. So Claire's somewhat happy, and so is everyone else. Unknown to Noah, however, she's stolen the magic compass and is about to go on a road trip with Gretchen to find out where it would lead to.

The Carnival

Sometimes a hero runs away to live and fight another day. That's exactly what Edgar does when Samuel tries to kill him after accusing him of killing his brother Joseph. As we have suspected before, Samuel killed Joseph after realizing that his brother lied to him about his powers and put the blame on the man from the government. Lydia learns this first hand as she and Hiro teleport back in time, specifically to the events that happened eight weeks ago when Joseph was still talking to Mohinder about the film, and then tells Edgar the truth about Joseph's death. Unfortunately, Samuel turns the tables on Edgar, billing him as the traitor who killed Joseph, and erases Hiro's memory.

Sylar and The Petrellis

Angela goes to Peter's apartment and sets up a Thanksgiving meal. Peter and Nathan confront her about the body in the storage unit but she explains that it's just a case of identity theft and the body belonged to a shapeshifter posing as Nathan. But thanks to their encounter with Matt Parkman last week, Peter and Nathan don't want to believe their mother. So Angela finally tells the whole truth and asks for forgiveness but asserts that nothing has to change because this new body still has all of Nathan's memories. What follows, however, is an extremely odd occurrence of morphing. All of a sudden, sparks are coming out of Nathan's body as he transforms into Sylar, who then attempts to slice Angela's brain before morphing back into Nathan and running out. Peter promises Angela he'll find a way to bring Nathan back but we all know how that's going to play out.

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