HAVEN Butterfly Review Episode 2

The troubles are back and Nathan's afraid they won't leave this time on the Butterfly episode of HAVEN. Those mysterious and vague troubles are mentioned several times but all we learn for sure is that they first appeared around the time Audrey's maybe mother was in town and that the chief offers Audrey a job because he thinks she can help. On the spooky case of the week front, bizarre accidents happen around butterflies: a giant bronze ball falls off a statue and destroys a bar, Audrey's bedspread unravels and wraps her in a cocoon, and a car almost drives itself off a cliff, to name a few. All of these incidents connect to the local fire and brimstone reverend, his daughter, and a recently orphaned teen boy they've taken in.

In case the pilot episode didn't convince you, Haven is one spooky town with some strong forces at work. Since we're only two episodes in, it's too soon to see a pattern, but I find it interesting that in the pilot, the cause of the weather phenomena was acting subconsciously while the havoc wreaker this week was actually unconscious during the attacks. Who or what is controlling the people of Haven and is Audrey a catalyst, a cure, or something in between? The reverend claims it's something ungodly - like Nathan, hmmm - but he isn't exactly as godly as he claims, so I'll take that with a pound of salt. Those questions are woven into Butterfly more subtly than I expected after the pilot episode and it adds a nice layer of mystery.

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