Chuck: "Chuck Versus the Fake Name" Review Season 3; Episode 8

I only lightly referenced it in my review, but the last episode, "Chuck Versus The Mask", caused quite a bit of a ruckus among a very vocal (in the online sense) sect of the Chuck fandom, with many panicking over Chuck and Sarah moving into new relationships with other people. I gotta say, it all seemed ridiculous to me. Haven't any of these people watched TV before? Chuck and Sarah will inevitably end up together, and putting them in new relationships didn't mean that was it for them, just that things were going in different directions for the time being.

And lo and behold, we get this very strong episode (though I liked the last, "controversial" one even more), which gasp! revealed Chuck and Sarah weren't completely over one another! See, fandom? It'll all be okay. The show even threw in a bit of a meta moment, as a gangster remarked, "I hate those will they or won't they things."

The main plotline had Chuck impersonating an assassin, Rafe, which lead to some really funny material. Zachary Levi was great here, taking on the demeanor of this gravelly voiced, stone cold killed. Of course Chuck added his own tweaks to Rafe, including an especially amusing appreciation for cupcakes he expressed at one point.

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