FLASHPOINT ''Unconditional Love'' Review

Unconditional Love was an overall entertaining eighth episode of FLASHPOINT's third season. Granted it did not serve up the character development I'd been hoping for, but the plot twists were unexpected and the story itself so compelling that the lack of character delving was not vital to my attention span.

A car, pursued by police, spins out of control and crashes. A Good Samaritan stops and asks the driver if she can take him to the hospital. He pulls a gun, throws her to the ground, hops in her car and speeds off while she's screaming and frantically hitting the windshield. Her baby is in the back seat.

The driver races into a motel parking lot (police still in pursuit) and seemingly forces his way into a boy's motel room with the baby and a sports bag full of guns and our favourite SRU team is quick to respond.

Turns out the hijacker was going to sell arms to the boy in the motel room and unintentionally brought the SRU to his front door. At first we're lead to believe the boy is a hostage and then wham! Oh nope, he's a serial killer (sort of). A serial killer with Asperger's (sort of). He's a serial killer with a melodramatic, loving yet clueless mother. (you betcha).

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