'Cougar Town' - 'Finding Out' Recap (Season Finale) Episode 24

It's interesting how, after this show started with such a high-concept premise and a big star, then made a massive readjustment midway through the season, then gave us episodes that seemed to be a series of vignettes in search of a plot, that we would get such a low-key, heartwarming, straightforward season finale.

But that's what Bill Lawrence and Kevin Biegel came up with for 'Cougar Town.' And it hopefully gives a good indication of what we might see next year.

As much as this show has made me laugh this year, it's occasional manic nature has always bugged me. You have a scene in Jules' kitchen, then we switch to Andy and Ellie talking about their marriage, then we switch to Grayson's bar for a couple of seconds, then suddenly we're on the Jealous Much?, watching Bobby and Andy toss pennies in a can. There were times that I got comedic whiplash from the constant switching around.

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