Dancing with the Stars: Early Peaking for Mya?

Mya, no doubt, is the frontrunner this season on Dancing with the Stars. Yet unlike other previous frontrunners, not everyone is digging her style. Much has been said about Len Goodman's prodigious judging of her routines with Dmitry Chaplin - not enough content one week then too much going on the next - and if anything, I think it has riled up both fans and non-fast to sort of root for her, just to show Len how annoyingly inconsistent he had been.

Nevertheless, ask any Dancing with the Stars celebs this season and they'll tell you that they think Mya is indeed the one to beat this season. That being said, is it too soon to proclaim a Mya season?

On one hand, fellow writer John Kubicek has boldly declared here that Mya and Dmitry have a guaranteed spot in the finale, alongside Joanna Krupa and Derek Hough, and that the six other celebs (except Louie Vito and Michael Irvin) are merely competing for the third spot. These are based on average scores, and, doubtless, Mya has really fared well on the category (25.75), as opposed to Joanna and Derek (23.25).

However, there is also the matter of proper pacing, and concerns have been raised about Mya peaking too early in the competition (we're in week 5 with 10 remaining contestants). Just last season, while eventual winner Shawn Johnson was consistently in the top three, she wasn't an outright winner on any account. So while Mya isn't scoring 30's left and right (although close to it), as far as averages go, she still holds a lead over Joanna and Derek (then it goes crazy close from 3rd to 8th).

On the other hand, prior to last season, no one was surprised when Kristi Yamaguchi emerged winner ultimately, so it's also very possible for celebs on Dancing with the Stars to peak early and stay there. Whether or not Mya can do it, is another matter entirely, although Kristi, as far as I know, didn't have a Len Goodman during her season.

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