Desperate Housewives: Is the Bolens Storyline Working?

Some critics (and fans, though a slightly more subdued bunch) think that the Bolens storyline isn't working as well as Desperate Housewives probably hoped. Sure, they've got the creepy new neighbors thing working - but that's easy enough, being new and all - but other than that, there wasn't really a lot of interaction between the old housewives and Angie (Drea de Matteo), for instance (except Susan, of course).

So what's not working? The secret bit is there, and it's a juicy one, as we saw on last night's episode of Desperate Housewives. Turns out Julie has brought with her pretty nasty secrets in her return to Wisteria Lane (now I'm not sure if I missed anything, but how did it happen that Julie, who returned for her mom's wedding, and the Bolens arrived in Wisteria Lane at practically the same time? Or was that the whole point?). Unbeknownst to her mommy, Julie quit med school six months ago, worked as a waitress, and got involved with a married man whose name started with a D.

In any case, we got a confirmation that the married guy in question was Nick, thanks to him visiting Julie in the hospital and saying, "Hey Julie. It's Dominic. I miss you." Oh boy.

So there's a juicy enough back story that is slowly coming into revelation, but the question remains - why isn't in riveting? And why does it feel like we've seen it before? As for the other housewives this episode (and season in general) - Lynette's pregnancy, Gaby's gardener-turned-restaurant-owner, Bree's affair, and Katherine's being Katherine - I'm actually curious to know, is anything at all working for you?

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Large lisa

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Oct 20, 2009 8:08AM EDT

Hum, I feel the same way... it's not working for me either. Too bad though, I loved these characters in past seasons.

Default avatar cat

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Oct 22, 2009 11:14AM EDT

Its because they aren't mixing enough with the other Housewives - its like what happened with Betty Applewhite. That was a completely seperate story and had no affect on anything else so was stupid. Katherine's worked really well in season 4 cos she was with the others all the time.

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