Ugly Betty Creator Ponders Spin-offs, Musicals, and Hope for Season 5 - Featured

With all that's been going on in Betty's life, who would've thought there'd be more coming in?

Of course, all is in the realm of possibility, as Ugly Betty creator Silvio Horta admits. That just means we'll do our best to plead them into making it work.

The first step would be hoping the ratings would improve. We've all noticed how weakly Ugly Betty's been doing with the numbers, so it would really help if the show's viewership increases.

"It is disheartening and we wish more people were watching as we've felt that everything has been gelling this season and we've been really doing great work," Horta told DVR Playground in an interview.

There's definitely been a creative resurgence on this season of Ugly Betty, but just how far will the creative juices go? There's been talk of a musical episode for the series and Horta says he's going to need more time for that to occur.

"I would love for it to happen, but there are two problems: Time and money," the creator explained. "Essentially working on a musical episode involves all of my time and energy and most of the time and energy of the production team. And at this point, I'd rather keep going in the direction we're heading rather than focus on one episode and let all the other good stuff we're doing fall by the wayside."

Translation: the guy gets more time if the series extends to season 5, and to do so would require higher ratings. But if Ugly Betty doesn't work out, there could be Marc and Amanda to fall back on.

On the idea of a spin-off for these two quirky characters, Horta explained: "Obviously I think Michael [Urie] and Becki [Newton] are amazing but my focus right now is keeping this show going and getting it to a fifth season."

"[O]f course, out of all the characters on the show that have spin-off potential, Marc and Amanda are the most natural choices. They're terrific and the amazing chemistry they've got is so rare."

Still, if a fifth season can't really push through, Horta's put aside some options. "I definitely don't want to just end, so we're planning two different versions. One, if this is the last season and another if we get to continue for a fifth year, which of course is the one we're hoping to use."

He also said, "But we're proud of what we get to do and happy with the work and at the end of the day that's ultimately what you've got to be happy with because everything else is out of your control."

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