'The Biggest Loser: Couples' Review: Trainers, Demonstrate! Season 9, Episode 2

The Biggest Loser's second week has become a tradition: of trainers anxious about the contestants' performance, of contestants anxious about suffering a steep drop in weight loss (or gaining them), and of course, the medical eye-openers. These contestants are sick, and in that other tradition of the show--hyperbole--this bunch is the sickest bunch yet.

Dr. Huizenga was around to, as always, tell everyone the impact of their weight on their health. But he decides to be a bit more creative, by giving everyone a medical task--and the results are both life-affirming and amusing. I mean, the trainers became the guinea pigs! Michael, who began the show as the heaviest contestant yet, watched on as Bob walked around with the extra weight that he carries.

Cheryl and Daris were told about the impact of their old diet by having Jillian eat everything: she proceeded to chow down on Mexican food with a mix of sarcasm and enthusiasm... to spit it out into a trash can. "This s-- is not food," she said. Classic, I said.

The others were less frantic, but still had the needed effect. What struck me the most was Lance and Melissa's task. They were told about the financial effect of their weight problems, which should hit home for Lance, who worked as a commercial diver before the pounds went coming. Later, Dr. H returned to tell everyone (again) about how sick they are. Darrell is the sickest of the bunch, apparently: he apparently has sleep apnea, asthma, reflux, metabolic syndrome, all those names. Michael's body fat is affecting his internal organs. Ashley was diabetic.

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