Supernatural Season 5 Episode 21 Recap: "Two Minutes to Midnight"

In one episode the brothers Winchester have to deal with two Horsemen, their rings are needed to bring about the end of Lucifer and Sam's talking up his plan to trap the devil. Meanwhile, Dean has a rendezvous with Death at a pizza joint, Bobby's soul-selling self comes clean with his latest predicament and Castiel finally makes a comeback, but unfortunately he's not quite the same old Cas. Plus, a Croatoan virus starts to unload on the world making the apocalypse that much deadlier.

In Davenport, Iowa, Pestilence works at some sort of convalescent hospital and goes by the name Doctor Green. An old lady is feeling really awful and according to the doc, she's suffering from a nasty virus (Dengue fever to be exact), Japanese encephalitis and chicken pox. This woman's screwed and now we know where the name "Green" comes from - it's that nasty stuff the old lady spits up right before she dies.

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