'The Hills' Star Kristin Cavallari "Jealous" of 'Jersey Shore', But "Loves" Watching Anyway

We thought Kristin Cavallari already offered up the drama on a shiny silver plate for The Hills, but apparently she believes it's not enough. She can't seem to top those kids from Jersey Shore on her own, despite the intricately shallow web she's weaved on her own MTV show.

Talking to Us Magazine, the 23-year-old Kristin Cavallari revealed that she's felt the green-eyed monster clawing at her every time she sees Jersey Shore. It's actually like one of those romances featured on The Hills, especially because the series' star can't help but love getting involved.

"I'm not going to lie, I'm kind of jealous," Cavallari declared. She was asked about the new MTV hit during her birthday party at Beso in Las Vegas. Hearing about the ratings of Jersey Shore and the drop in viewership for The Hills, it really must've hurt.

But instead of showing her resentment, Kristin admitted that even she's guilty of tuning in to the Jersey Shore drama. "I love it," she told People magazine. "Is that bad that I love it?"

She even noted her favorite character on the new series, Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino. "He's the best," she said.

While there might be several people who'd accuse Cavallari of using Jersey Shore to promote her own show, there's the fact that she just truly enjoys watching it. She even thought up a nickname for herself if ever she gets the chance to pop up on that reality series.

Kristin Cavallari told the publication that "the straight-up gangster" would befit her. Still, she's far too committed to The Hills to bother making the switch. Being the bad girl and having the spotlight on her there is a bigger accomplishment for her.

"I have a good time with it," Cavallari said about her role. "I can't sit here and stress about my image on The Hills. I'd drive myself crazy. I prefer to be the bad girl and have fun with it."

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