Recap Dawson's Creek: Season 4, Episode 4 - Future Tense

Drue throws a party in honor of Jen's birthday, except it really isn't Jen's birthday, just an excuse for him to have a party. Jen is having trouble dealing with Drue and his possible motives. She calls him on not having the party at his house for 'plausible deniability,' keeping him from getting caught while placing the blame on her, as everybody will remember that it's her birthday party. Later she asks Joey where Drue lives and she tells her the story of Drue's father running off to New Mexico and that they live in an apartment at the yacht club. This causes Jen to have sympathy for Drue and she apologizes to him. Later he reaffirms her earlier suspicions by giving her a 'birthday present' of ecstasy. She turns it down, but he leaves it with her anyway and leaves. Joey is upset because as she finds out she's fourth in her class, she also finds out that the Ivy League universities she was looking to attend may not be in her grasp anyway.

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