'Parenthood' Episode 4 - 'Wassup' Recap

If you are watching 'Parenthood' with the idea of learning anything about how to be a parent, you should consider finding another form of education. The Bravermans seem to be more about how not to parent or "how to get lucky and not screw up our children too much" school of learning. Every week is a lesson in how parents can really make a muddle of their parenting.

Adam and Kristina's attention this week shifted from Max to Haddie. Sarah's advice to Adam was so rigid -- practically lock up your daughter and don't let her out of the house. Considering Sarah's troubled relationship with Amber, why was Adam listening?

Sarah's over-protectiveness of Amber was really more about her feeling insecure when it comes to Julia, her younger and very successful sister. Exactly why Sarah feels this way isn't clear yet. Sure, she married a loser and isn't a lawyer like Julia, but she was probably the cooler sister most of their lives growing up, don't you think? Maybe it's because it's Lauren Graham, but I expect Sarah to have more gumption than she does.

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