30 Rock: "Winter Madness" Review Season 4, Episode 11

30 Rock went on the road in Thursday night's episode, taking the writers and cast of "TGS" to Boston. Of course, this wasn't an easy trip for anybody as they were all suffering from the effects of "Winter Madness." The new location and constant conflicts were a lot of fun, and Jack's complicated romance with Nancy Donovan added to the enjoyment.

The episode began at the "TGS" studios in New York, with everyone suffering from the winter blues. Kenneth was snapping at Liz (with a less than cheery, "Morning, Miss Lemon"), the writers were all annoyed and Liz was just a grump. Pete came up with the idea to take "TGS" on the road to Miami to help lift everybody's spirits. Liz's presentation to Jack to convince him to fund the trip was a brilliant send-up of the use of corporate buzzwords without any real content: "Cross-promotional, deal mechanics, revenue streams, jargon, synergy." "That's the best presentation I've ever seen." But Jack changed the location to Boston so he'd have an excuse to visit his old high school crush Nancy.

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