Recap: "Cold Wars"

After a week of promos promising some real answers about whose side HRG is on, did this episode deliver? Before we can find out, Matt repeatedly dives into Noah's mind, pulling out pieces of the puzzle that both reveal HRG's motivations and give Parkman & Co. some vital information about the people who are hunting them. But what other secrets did HRG have crawling around in that brain of his? Let's find out!

Shameless plug alert: Check out my interview with Jack Coleman, in which he talks a lot about tonight's episode, as well as a few things to come. Now, on with the recap.

Picking up where we left off a week ago (and even rewinding a little bit), the episode opens with Parkman, Peter and Mohinder plotting their kidnapping of HRG. None of them is really thrilled with the plan, but they all agree that they need answers and HRG is a good place to start. To be honest, it's about the only thing they agree on all night, and their continuous arguing - some petty, some justified - was often an annoying distraction from the tension the episode was building. Once the boys had HRG in their seedy Costa Verde hotel room, Parkman dives in for the first of several flashbacks.

Five Weeks Ago

With Primatech burned to the ground, Noah meets Angela Petrelli to discuss the Company's future. Despite his best attempts to convince Angela there is still work to be done, Noah ends up with a severance package for his years of service and a new watch -- a personal gift from Mama Petrelli. She says she's tired of the Company's "antiquated system," and all the lies that went with it. So what is HRG to do now? Follow Angela's lead and try to piece his family back together.

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