Recap: "5:00 P.M.-6:00 P.M."

Not even five minutes into Monday's episode of 24, and we've got the identity of mole no. 2 - which, in another thoroughly unsurprising twist, is Agent Slimeball's girlfriend, Erika (Ever Carradine). While the extent of her role isn't made completely clear, when Slimeball confides that he's got Larry's phone tapped, it's obvious she's also playing for Dubaku's team.

Interestingly, it appears that Dubaku's love for Marika is the real deal - or, at least, he does a pretty good imitation of it when he seemingly convinces the confused young woman to leave the country with him. So either the butcher of Sengala actually has a heart or he has a good reason for wanting to take her along.

But it doesn't look like things will work out for those two lovebirds either way. Following Jack's high-speed chase of Dubaku's SUV down the busy streets of D.C., the vehicle crashes and flips over in spectacular fashion; the colonel survives, but despite Renee's best efforts, Marika isn't so lucky. I think we all knew her days (or hours) were numbered, but she was taken out of the equation surprisingly fast.

Of course, things aren't exactly peachy for Dubaku either - first Jack threatens to hunt down and torture his son, then he forces an EMT to perform some street surgery to remove a metal plate from the colonel's stomach. This being 24, though, it's not a simple metal plate, but some type of electronic storage device that contains the names of nearly 100 government conspirators.

Back at the FBI Building, Hillinger and girlfriend are working hard to crash the bureau's servers. Which they successfully do, and then - holy crap! - Slimeball shoots Erika in the stomach mid-celebratory make-out.

Naturally, when Larry and Chloe burst into the server room, Hillinger pulls the "she's-the-bad-guy-and-I-shot-her-in-self-defense" routine, naming Erika the sole mole, and himself the reluctant hero. He may be slimy, but he's good.

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