Sons of Anarchy: Season 2 Finale Predictions

While we wait for SAMCRO to rid Charming of Ethan Zobelle and his cohorts once and for all, let me leave you with some thoughts on what might go down in tomorrow's Sons of Anarchy second season ender. I have not seen "Na Trioblidi" yet so technically there won't be any spoilers here surrounding the much anticipated season ender. But read no further if you want to go into the final episode of Sons of Anarchy completely blind.

As a show that incessantly deals with aggression, hostility and lots of shocking moments, I'm inclined to believe that someone won't live to see the end of the season. It's pretty obvious that some of SAMCRO's enemies will bite the dust so, no, I'm not referring to Weston, Zobelle or other members of his crew. In fact, the League was already dead to me the moment Gemma told Jax and Clay about her gang rape. Right now, my money's on Tara or Unser.

This is just mere speculation though. After all, SAMCRO has already lost Luann Delaney, Gemma's best friend, in the episode "Potlatch" and her death alone could already account for the clue earlier this season that it's "someone close the club." On the other hand, Luann probably won't be the last to go now that things are about to get dangerous for everybody associated with the club.

This season's loss will probably be more gripping and striking than losing Big Otto's old lady. Based on the preview trailer for tomorrow's finale, someone is holding Tara at gunpoint, though the culprit's identity is not known. I can only assume it's Weston and it's all part of payback. Considering how Sons of Anarchy somewhat stays true to Hamlet, Tara's death shouldn't really come as a surprise to fans of this show. I do think, however, that killing her off this season is too soon.

Chief Unser, on the other hand, seems to be the popular choice among Sons of Anarchy fans based on our poll question posted two months ago. Aside from the fact that he already has cancer, he's also so deeply entrenched with the club's activities that I can't help but worry about his fate on the show. After all, how long can he toy with fire without getting burned?

Again, this is just my opinion. While it would really hurt me to see either of these two get killed off, it would definitely be meaningful, unexpected and provide great material for another great season. What are you predictions for tomorrow's episode?

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