Silvio Horta: Marc Gets a New Guy on 'Ugly Betty'

On Ugly Betty, romances hardly end on a happy note. But there's always something new to bring on the table right after, which will be the case for Marc St. James (Michael Urie). Showrunner Silvio Horta hinted that um, infatuation's in the air with the Bahamas episode coming up, especially for this character.

Ugly Betty executive producers Horta and Jon Kinnally told about this new storyline, affecting the development of Marc. We all know about his relationship with Cliff (David Blue) in the second season, but the writer's strike hindered the show from pursuing that further. While Cliff could've been brought back, it was simply a better idea to give Marc a fresh start.

On "The Bahamas Triangle" airing next week, we'll be introduced to actor Matt Newton, who is actually actress Becki Newton's brother. He'll be portraying Marc's new boyfriend, but the feeling won't be mutual at first.

"He's in the Bahamas episode that airs at the beginning of December," Silvio Horta revealed. "It was just going to be a one-off thing, but we liked the idea of the unrequited love for Marc, so we've kept it going for a few episodes."

Kinnally added a few more details that fans might like to hear. "Not to give anything away, but Marc has zero feeling for this guy. He's just going out with him because the guy worships Marc."

He went on: "We're probably going to see Marc develop some feelings in time for the guy. We're trying to explore the story where this guy is newly out, at least he hasn't had that many boyfriends, and he's so new to the scene and Marc is so jaded and stuff, will they be able to balance each other."

But it sounds like Marc isn't the only one who'll be getting some action on the eighth installment of Ugly Betty's fourth season. It's the one feature Shakira, so it's only fitting that Horta tease, "There's a lot of sex, there's a lot of skin, and it's going to be a very sexy episode."

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