Review: 'Project Runway' - 'Design Your Heart Out' Season 7, Episode 4

The models take a backseat on 'Project Runway' tonight with the first client-based challenge. With $100 and one day, the contestants had to create a gala dress for Campbell's Address Your Heart Program. Their clients were all impacted by heart disease in different forms. The winner gets a bonus of their dress getting a limited run, and it will be shown during New York Fashion week with the designer.

It was nice seeing an apples to apples comparison where one color was forced upon all the contestants. The Macy's blue challenge last season wasn't as much of a comparison because they got to use several shades of blue and were paired up.

The biggest issue with this week's challenge is that it shouldn't have been a one day challenge. Not only are the dresses representative of the Campbell's brand, it will be shown in fashion week. Two days would have helped with fitting the normal sized women, but also would have made 'Project Runway' look better in the long run.

Like every client challenge, we have the one contestant that follows the instructions of the client a bit too much. Seth Aaron almost fell into the same hole, but luckily turned to his gut. While I didn't think his final piece was gala worthy, at least it didn't look like a Rami piece. Tim's critique covered our eventual top and bottom six and Seth Aaron for above reasons.

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